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What is ANJIMS ?

ANJIMS is an acronym for ACCESS NIGERIA JOB INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM which is a collaborative information management system that will enable the engagement and continuous interaction of all identified ACCESS NIGERIA stakeholders in a single eco-system such as employers, ACCESS NIGERIA students/applicants, the World Bank and ODIN Outsourcing Development Initiative of Nigeria to interact, engage seamlessly and effectively share job and related information services.

It is an application built to support the building of human capital base for Nigeria.

ANJIMS therefore is to bring about the activities of ACCESS NIGERIA close up to prospective employers and enable them have an up close and personal engagement and interaction with prospective employees.

The ANJIMS PLATFORM allows for activities such as:

  •  Information/ data sharing;
  •  Messaging/ Notification
  •  Matchmaking/ Job placement
  •  Collaboration
  •  Interaction/engagement
  •  File management
  •  Tracking and measurement/assessment
  •  Virtual interview
  •  Multimedia services-video / picture share

ANJIMS serves the following key benefits:

For Industry Representatives (Employers)

  1. They are able to match the skills required by the industry to available human resources
  2. It could be used as a means to advertise job openings in their industry
  3. To allow firm firms commit to employing beneficiaries of the project based on their identified needs
  4. They are able to use the search feature to find people by qualification and location. This way they can research prospects before meeting or contacting them
  5. It bridges the gap between the institutions of higher learning and industry by providing the industries with already trained graduates

For beneficiaries (Trainees)

  1. It provides them with an easier of getting employed since employers have a chance to see their profiles and contact them
  2. Enable individual assessment

The industry and the beneficiaries exist in a simple eco system with the sponsors acting as the bridge linking them together. The industry requires already trained personnel to employ and the sponsors train beneficiaries to meet industry requirements